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NCACS – Live Challenges

Live Challenge judges Mike McCarey and Lauren Kitchens inspecting the work of one of the competing kitchens.


Zane Beg and Norm Davis speaking to the audience as emcees of the Live Challenge.


Anne Heap hard at work on the giraffe for her circus theme cake.


A big top tent from Pat Jacoby's circus theme cake.



Anne Heap's final product in the circus theme live challenge


Part of Pat Jacoby's finished product, which was taken apart (as were all of the live challenge circus cakes) for the public to taste with a $1 donation to local charities.


Courtney Clark's circus cake with an Alice in Wonderland subtheme.


Ruth Rickey working on her haunted castle cake during another live challenge.


Candy Knappenberger's haunted castle cake in the works.


Norm Davis working on a live challenge against Zane Beg called "What's In the Box?". In this challenge, they had one hour to complete a cake using the mystery contents of a box they were given: shoes, purses, and flowers!


Zane's final product from the "What's In the Box?" challenge against Norm.


Norm's cake!


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