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About Us

“A Touch of Class Cakes” was born in January of 2010 and consists of two teachers (hence the name) who love to bake and decorate custom cakes for their families and friends.  Christina Corlett and Meghan Fitzpatrick are the talent behind the cakes.

About Christina:

Christina Corlett has been baking since she was a young child at her mother’s side.  Now as a mother of three children of her own, she bakes when she can and is passing her love for making cakes and other desserts to her offspring.  Her passion for cake decorating started when she saw some of the beautiful cakes her mom could make after taking the entire Wilton Cake Decorating series.  While pregnant with her first child, Christina took the first Wilton course and she was hooked!  Since then, she has been making custom cakes for her childrens’ birthdays as well as for family and friends.  Now she has joined with her friend and partner, Meghan, to make custom cakes and is a member of ICES, a professional cake organization, as well as both NJ and NY Cake Decorators groups.  In addition to being a teacher, mother, and cake decorator, Christina is also the author of two self-published novels and is hard at work on her third book.  Visit her writing blog at

About Meghan:

Meghan Fitzpatrick has always had passion for being in the kitchen. She comes from a family of talented cooks and is excited to have inherited some of their kitchen finesse! Nicknamed “Mini-Martha” at a very young age, she has been continuously experimenting with baking and decorating. Meghan took a beginner Wilton class that sparked her interest in cake decorating. When not busy being a fourth-grade teacher, Meghan is learning new techniques to help perfect her craft. She is thrilled to be teamed up with Christina to make new creations.

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  1. Jen permalink
    May 23, 2010 3:39 PM

    Ladies- I can’t tell you how much I enjoy following the pics of your cakes…and Martha- I never doubted how talented you are but seriously- this is wild!

  2. June 14, 2010 6:50 PM

    Ladies…Congratulations to the 2 of you; may you have continued success and look forward to seeing the 2 of you on the Food Network “Cake Challenge” one day!!! Love, Aunt Rosemary

    • June 14, 2010 9:28 PM

      Thanks, Aunt Ro! Food Network “Cake Challenge” is our ultimate dream, after our own bakery! 🙂

  3. July 13, 2010 7:14 PM


    I saw that you attended the MD cake show and wanted to visit your site. Read about you both. I wish you both the very best in your new endeavor.

    I also belong to the NY and NJ meetup groups for cake decorating and have been a member of ICES since 1982. I received the Wilbur Brand Memorial Award in 1998 and served on the Board of Directors for two terms. I became NYS ICES Rep in 1983-1985 and in 1993-1996. Finally, got out of politics.

    I now vendor and have taught for the NYC meetup group. Dina is fabulous. I am the one who has been sick for sometime with different things and Dina as well as others are waiting for me to get well enough (over the radiation for breast cancer) to teach, again. I have a website that I am trying to revamp: and now vendor. I have been in contact with Dina re’ the cake decorating event my husband and I are putting together for 2012. My good cake decorating friend is a professional event planner, so as soon as my radiation treatments are over and I have a week to rest, she will be here in Fishkill to work on the plans. The name of the event is: “The Hudson Valley Mini Classes & Wedding Cake Competition”. I have already asked Dina to be one of the judges for the “Intermediate-Advanced Division on Wedding Cakes of all Buttercream”. I have been around decorating for many years and know lots of great teachers and decorators who I will ask to teach, etc. I love your work. It’s so neat and precise. Very classy! Dina will be promoting the event for us, too; so you would get a notice. I will also be contacting Carmen of the NJ group. It was great being able to get the link to your site and visit. You are beautiful and I wish you both the very best. Please be in touch. R U on FB?

    • July 19, 2010 5:28 PM

      Hi Diane! So glad you visited our site! What an honor to have you view our work and deem it good! I have visited your site before. Sorry to hear about your health issues. I would love to keep in touch and perhaps take a class or two. We are definitely on FB, just search for us – Touch of Class Cakes! We are doing well for just having gotten started six months ago! Our e-mail is so feel free to write! – Christina

  4. vickil uniacke permalink
    March 3, 2011 6:52 AM

    OMG!!!!! We loved the cupcakes!!!!!!
    I will pass on your card.

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