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Where can I find a good cake decorating cake site?

October 1, 2010

Hello all!

We are always searching for what is new in the cake decorating world – or at least, what is new to us!  We have come across tons and tons of wonderful on-line resources, which we have listed in our “Favorite Links” menu on the right side bar.  However, we wanted to take a moment to highlight two sites that we especially like and go to often.

First, is “Cakes We Bake”, which is a wonderful resource and on-line cake baking community.  Here you can create your own page, join discussions, track cake-related events, and even join monthly contests.   You can also find links to other cake websites and resources such as books, videos, etc.

Next is a new one to us that we just joined and are already loving, “Cake Decorating Corner”.  Similar to “Cakes We Bake”, this site offers recipes, supplies, techniques, and an opportunity to connect with other cake decorators from around the world. 

Check out these and the other sites we have listed here on our blog.  If you are looking for a chance to network or just to browse supplies and learn new trends in the industry, you’ll be busy for a while to come as you visit each site.

Happy surfing and happy baking!

Christina & Meghan

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