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Little Mermaid cake

May 31, 2010

As we mentioned in an earlier post, June is a busy cake month, especially the first week.  On June 5th, we have five cakes due, and the first one done on this Memorial Day is the “Ariel & Friends Under the Sea” cake for a girl’s fourth birthday.

This cake is very big, with each layer (8-inch and 10-inch rounds) measuring in at 4 inches each!  The bottom is chocolate with chocolate buttercream and the top is vanilla with vanilla buttercream.  The cakes are covered in fondant and then decorated with fondant and modeling chocolate 3D figures.

Ariel was actually pretty easy to make, although molding the female form is tricky.  We didn’t want her to look inappropriate, so we were careful with her anatomy!  🙂

Flounder was a cinch, but Sebastian posed some problems.  The first try was too big for the scale of the cake; next to Ariel, he was massive!  The second try was much better, but when Christina turned her back, Meghan’s dog, Tucker, made off with him!!  😦 After scolding the dog and lamenting the loss, Christina got back to work and the third Sebastian made it on the cake.

The “sand” on each layer is actually crushed graham crackers.  The detail on this cake is great: star fish, sand dollars, conch and clam shells, sea weed, sea grass, and other miscellaneous sea life.

We think that this four-year old is going to be thrilled with her cake!  🙂

Happy baking!

Christina & Meghan

The final product, from the front.

The toppers up close, all made from modeling chocolate, except for Ariel's head, which is made of fondant. The little fish under the rock is Christina's little "drama queen" fish that to be in the shot!

We decided that our octopus had to be a girl, so she got lashes and red lips!

Sea shell, grass, and sand. The sand is made of crushed graham crackers. The sea shell is made of fondant that is "marble-ized", a technique that combines two different colors that are twisted and folded together to get that marble effect.

Our seaweed looks like it is undulating and the starfish has the perfect texture!

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