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June is all about cake!

May 30, 2010

Hi all!

June is gearing up to be our busiest month yet!  Next week alone we have five cakes due on the same day, with three more to follow (as of now) in the remaining weeks of the month.

On the menu this month are some fun designs:

  • a law school graduation cake featuring the Rutgers emblem, scales of justice, a gavel, and a diploma (the latter three will be 3D and made of modeling chocolate)
  • a Little Mermaid under-the-sea 4th birthday cake featuring 3D figures of Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian (made of modeling chocolate)
  • a poker table 30th birthday cake featuring cards, chips, and possibly a cigar and beer pint
  • a glamour girl 8th birthday cake featuring lipstick, handbags, high heels, and other “glamorous” things
  • a shabby chic/funky 21st birthday cake
  • a simple but elegant bridal shower cake in white, bright pink, and sage green with fresh lilies and roses
  • a baby shower cake
  • an Obi Wan Kenobi (think Ewan MacGregor) cake with a 3D figure holding a light saber

Our friends and family often ask us where we get our inspiration, and the answer is simple:  we search the web, which has a wealth of information and pictures, until we find something that speaks to what we need/want.  Once we find our inspiration, we work from the picture, making changes as we see fit.  Sometimes the final result is almost an exact duplicate, but more often it is its own unique design.  It really depends on what the person who asked for the cake wants.

Here are the cakes we are using for inspiration for this month.  Check back at the end of the month to see how we did!

Happy baking!

Christina & Meghan

We're going to probably do this one to the letter, except to change out the emblem to Rutgers.

This one will look a lot like this, with some tweaks.

We were asked to make this one exactly as is, except to make the letters gold.

Our chips will feature some markings and we will probably add some other manly things to the table too.

The bottom right image is what we are aiming for, with just two layers and other minor changes.

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