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First birthday cake

April 27, 2010

We made this cake last night and had a ton of fun doing it!  Who would have thought that making a kid’s cake could be so enjoyable?  We giggled and created and were so pleased with the final result, we just had to share it.

Betty, our colleague who asked us to make the cake for her son, Colin’s, first birthday, gave us a picture of the party plates for our inspiration (see below).  I have to say that our lion looks just like the lion on the plate, if not better!  Yay, us!


Happy baking!

Christina & Meghan

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  1. Natalie permalink
    April 23, 2011 6:34 PM

    This cake is beautiful!! I have the exact theme for my son’s birthday and wanted to do a similar cake. How were you able to do the lion design at home? Thanks.

  2. May 1, 2011 3:57 PM

    Beautiful cake!! We are using the same theme for my son’s 1st birthday at the end of this month. Was this the cake for guests, or the smash cake for the birthday boy? I am just wondering if fondant would work as a smash cake or not. Thanks!

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