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Good source for vanilla

March 8, 2010

Like most basic ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, milk), Meghan and I go through extraordinary amounts of vanilla in a short period of time.  So we wanted to find a cost-efficient source for wholesale vanilla, and we did!

After much research, we decided to go with Adam’s brand.  They had the most reasonable cost for a product that received the majority of the best customer reviews.  We purchased a gallon of vanilla (a lot, I know!) for just $46.  How long it will last no one knows, but we’ll be sure to let you know.  🙂

We also purchased a small bottle of vanilla powder from Adam’s, which we recently learned as we researched affordable vanilla extract.  Apparently it can be used teaspoon for teaspoon like regular liquid vanilla with the same robust flavor and without changing the consistency of your batter.  We have yet to try it, but again, we will let you know once we do!

Check out the Adam’s site for other great buys on different extracts and flavorings! 

Happy baking!

Christina & Meghan

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