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A snowy day and some chipmunks

February 10, 2010

We live in New Jersey and today school was canceled because we are having a rather decent snowstorm (up to 16 inches predicted to fall by tomorrow morning).  I decided to enjoy the snowy day by doing some cooking, reading, and beginning to prepare for an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” cake I am making for my best friend’s son for next weekend.

Since the “Squeakquel” is so new, there is absolutely nothing available for this theme.  Therefore I am getting pretty creative for this project.  First, I made some cupcake picks from a printed black and white photo of the furry trio, which I then colored in with markers.  I will mount those on primary colored cardstock and then gluing them to toothpicks.  The cupcakes will be in primary colored liners (classic vanilla covered with chocolate buttercream frosting) and have primary colored sprinkles too.  Hopefully they will turn out well.  (Stay tuned for pics in the “Gallery” after 2/20!)

With those aside for now, I turned my attention to the main cake (which will be for parents but is the only chance I get to really showcase the Chipmunks).  The cake itself will be a 10″ round classic vanilla with chocolate buttercream filling covered in fondant tinted in a light aqua blue.  The decorations will be primary colored stars in different sizes with a buttercream piped border in the same colors.  I decided to try my hand at making fondant figures of each Chipmunk for the top, something I have never done before (aside from the Prada shoe on the feminine 60th birthday cake).  What an adventure it was !  This is the result.  Not bad for a first time attempt on a snowy day.

Now I can go back to reading and enjoy the view out the window!

Happy baking!


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